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Yolande NelOwner - The Photo Cushion

A BIG thanks to Juran and the team at FUELCRATE DIGITAL for the awesome work you guys keep doing for us at The Photo Cushion. Your online marketing expertise is probably the sole reason why we still exist!


Paid advertising, Pay Per Click advertising or ppc is buying ad space on search engines like Google. By making use of PPC, you can generate results almost instantly by targeting relevant search phrases and sending qality traffic to niche specific landing pages which increase conversions and ultimately generate sales.

Instant Results

Pay Per Click Advertising allows you to show up on the 1st page of Google's search results.

Highly Targeted

With PPC you have the flexibility to target your EXACT audience by using researching and implementing your industry keywords.

Budget Concious

You are in full control of your budget spend.

If you are not using Pay Per Click as part of your online marketing strategy, you are simply losing out on loads of potential business!


Generate Quality Leads

Leads will dramatically increase due to higher quality traffic. Spend more time with clients already interested in your product or service.


Higher Conversion Rates

By being able to choose the destination of the ads the conversion rates will increase by sending prospects to conversion rich landing pages.


Level The Playing Field

PPC's cost effective platform makes it easy to compete with your biggest rivals. You can display your ads amongst your competition.


Increase Quality Traffic

By researching exactly who searches for different keywords and phrases in your industry, we can ensure industry specific traffic to your landing page. By doing this we can control who views your landing page and thus ensure we get optimal results.


Conversion Rate Optimization

PPC campaigns are very rarely successful due to the fact that traffic is sent to the Home or Contact page of a website. Landing pages are crucial if you want a successful, measurable and profitable PPC campaign.


Testing & Management

If your campaign is constantly under scrutiny you will most certainly know exactly where your traffic is coming from, how much time they spend on your landing page and exactly what their actions are. This information is vital to make the necessary changes to constantly improve your PPC Campaign.