• Your website can be your most profitable business tool. We know how to make that happen!

Generate More Sales

Recent stats show that up to 70% of South Africa's consumers use the internet to research companies online when looking for products or services.

Improve Credibility

We all know that people frown upon companies that do not have websites these days. Your success depends on it.

Become The Market Leader

By using your website to educate the public about your industry portrays your experience and knowledge in your field.

Increase Brand Exposure

By increasing your online visibility you ultimately increase your brand's exposure.

Some of the companies we have done work for

THINK ABOUT THIS FOR A SECOND: What is more powerful than the internet?

There is absolutely nothing else out there that can squeeze the whole world into the size of a computer screen. So you need to make sure you look impeccable because you have a HUGE audience!

Engaging Design

Ensuring you pick a partner that will not only look at the WOW factor of the design but also advises you on the usability of the website will create a browsing experience which is aesthetically appealing as well as easy to engage in and find relevant content.

Robust Development

Quality development is a rare commodity these days. Here at FUELCRATE DIGITAL we have various stages of development which includes extreme testing to make sure your website is as robust as a tank.

Smart User Experience

We spend a lot of time to make sure your website adheres to your industry and helps in the user expeience. Simplicity is key in helping the user find what he is looking for as easily and quickly as possible.


If you have a well thought out website which focuses on a goal like converting leads, your website will most certainly be your most profitable business tool.


Website Design

Designing a website is more than just pixels and pictures. We plan and consult to make sure that what we are producing is cutting edge and adheres to client expectations. We also always keep seo in mind so that your website is ready for search engines on launch.


User Experience

User experience plays a vital step in the adoption of your website. We make the user experience part of our designs from the very beginning of the design process. This ensures a website that your consumers will quicky snap and interact with.


Website Development

A healthy return on investment based website is one that purrs like a kitten. Our Web Development experts are all cross skilled in various languages and on a vast array of different platforms so that we make sure your website is one "WELL OILED MACHINE".


Conversion Optimization

We love creating website that are converting monsters! Your company investment deserves a website that converts traffic into new business. That is why you want a website isn't it?



Keeping your website fresh with new content is what is going to keep your traffic coming back for more. FUELCRATE DIGITAL offers different packages so your website keeps up with your company's pace.



Your website's success depends on a solid and reliable hosting partner. We offer various packages as well as custom solutions to meed your website hosting needs.



If you have a dedicated resource that can keep your website in tip top shape, you can request your website being built on a content management system. We specialise in various cms platforms like Wordpress, Drupal and Joomla


Ecommerce Solutions

What better way to expand your revenue stream? We have loads of experience in creating online ecommerce solutions for any size company.